Mya Than Tint

The Second Sex – Mya Than Tint

 Mya Than Tint was born on 23 May 1929 in Myaing, Pakokku Township, Magway Division, Myanmar.

He was the eldest of seven children to Paw Tint and his wife Hlaing.

Mya Than Tint entered Rangoon University in 1948, the year Burma gained independence from Great Britain, and

received a degree in philosophy, political science and English literature in 1954.

His writing career began in 1949 when his first short novel “Refugee”  was published in Tara Magazine (No. 21, Vol. 3, 1949).

His first translated work was Malva and other short stories by Gorky.

He published many short and full-length novels, documentaries and translated works in his 50-year writing career.

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